Fundamental to the Wealth Management process is the creation of an investment portfolio. Creating your portfolio is more than just a means to amassing wealth—it also involves earning, managing, and consuming money. Whether you’re investing for retirement, college, or another objective, Viewpoint Financial Advisors can help.

Our investment process begins by exploring your individual needs and goals and determining the amount of risk you’re comfortable with. Using a highly selective research process, we identify low-cost mutual funds to construct your portfolio. In preparing your investment plan, we rely on a strategy known as asset allocation.*



Asset allocation is the process of dividing your investment assets among a variety of investment categories, such as stocks, bonds, and cash. The process can reduce overall investment risk, create more reliable investment forecasts, and improve the risk/return trade-off of your portfolio. Most investors understand that as risk increases, the potential for return also increases. But there is a point for every individual where the level of risk is not worth the potential return. Viewpoint Financial Advisors’ goal for asset allocation is to provide you with the risk/return scenario that is most comfortable for you.


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*Asset allocation does not assure a profit or protect against a loss in declining markets.